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Highly sensitive? Overview problems? Chronic Fatigue?


Based in the centre of Amsterdam, psychologist and neuropsychologist Dr. Marijke van de Laar conducts diagnostic tests (including brain function analysis) as well as providing practical and analytical help to children, adolescents and adults alike. The guidance is mainly based on searching for solutions to the problems being experienced.


Who can attend?

  • If you suffer from fatigue and/or oversensitivity (caused by work, daily life or physical brain trauma)
  • If you have problems with concentrating
  • If you feel stressed
  • If you have problems sleeping
  • if you have anxiety issues
  • if you feel down or depressed
  • If you have difficulties creating an overview
  • If you have problems planning your daily life
  • If you feel there is something wrong with you and you would like to figure that out


Counselling methods used during therapy sessions

The therapy methods Marijke van de Laar uses depends on the problems someone experiences. The following therapy methods might be used during therapy sessions by psychologist Marijke in the centre and north of Amsterdam: behavioural interventions, ADD and ADHD training methods, solution focussed therapy, cognitive rehabilitation (cognitive retraining), neuropsychological treatment (fatigue, highly sensitive, concentration and memory problems, planning and overview problems, dealing with time pressure), exercises (relaxation, breathing, concentration, attention), methods from the cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy, planning and time management techniques, neurofeedback, 'How to sleep better' training, and training to be more assertive. Creative methods will be used during child counselling and parenting advice is given where appropriate.

The techniques that are used during the therapeutic sessions are based on scientifically proven and effective interventions.


Psychologist and neuropsychologist Dr. Marijke van de Laar

Dr. Marijke van de Laar is a member of the Dutch Institute of Psychologist (NIP). Currently she works with several psychologists in a private practice in the centre of Amsterdam (Nieuwe Keizersgracht 58, Amsterdam-Centre). During the therapy sessions she noticed that certain health issues often occur simultaneously and demand an alternative treatment. For example, sensitiveness (to noise or hectic environments) often goes hand in hand with overview problems and being tense. While attention problems and irritability often occur with feeling fatigued. Thus, people with burnout or stress also have concentration and overview/planning problems (these latter two are cognitive health issues). Alternatively, people with ADD/ADHD, physical brain trauma or whiplash often feel oversensitive and tense (these are emotional health issues).

While it is important to gain insight into the relationship between your way of thinking and your feelings, it is just as important to increase your energy levels and enhance your ability to concentrate. Therefore, the therapeutic sessions with therapist Marijke van de Laar consist of a combination of psychological interventions and cognitive training (neuropsychological treatment).



The first session is an intake that is 65 Euros and completely confidentional and without any further obligation. The follow-up sessions cost 90 Euros each. The cost of diagnostic testing and analysis of the brain function, is between 550 to 950 Euros (this is dependent on the complexity of the tests that are required). Please consult your health insurance provider with regards to possible reimbursement of these costs.



06 - 2017 7663 (day and evening)




Nieuwe Keizersgracht 58
1018 DT Amsterdam




Psychologist Marijke Amsterdam-Centre

Psychologist Amsterdam-Centre provides counselling for:

  • ADD / ADHD
  • Stress
  • Problems sleeping
  • High sensitiveness
  • Brain trauma / whiplash

Practical help with:

  • Starting and finishing tasks
  • Improving your concentration
  • Planning and structuring
  • Creating an overview

Location Psychologist Marijke Amsterdam-Centre

Nieuwe Keizersgracht 58 - Amsterdam Centrum